Hair transplant

Hair transplantation is basically the name given to the surgical procedures performed using different techniques to restore the lost or thinned hair to its former appearance.Hair transplantation, which is a widely applied procedure in our country and in the world, is a procedure preferred by people who are uncomfortable with their appearance and have a lack of self-confidence.
Our hair is considered one of the most important parts of our appearance and aesthetics. Many people want to have healthy and lush hairToday, it is possible to eliminate these problems with hair transplantation methods.

Seven hair transplant cases


The plan of the operation on the hairline is agreed with the doctor.


Sterilization of the operating site, testing, the introduction of the density of anesthesia.


Collection of hair from the donor area.

Channel Opening

Opening hair channels that appear naturally.

Transplantation procedure

Hair transplantation at an appropriate angle in the area of baldness.

Post-operative treatment

Medical wound care and application of PRP therapy the next day, which will speed up the hair recovery time.

Hair washing after surgery

Washing procedure with medicines, lasts 15 days, taking into account the sensitivity of the transplanted and donor area.

Important! A two week before the operation, you must stop smoking and drinking alcohol, you also need to stop taking drugs that thin the blood.

Patients need to plan the time for the operation. (Approximately 3 days)

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